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Taegeuk 1 (Il Jang)

Poomsae / Patterns

Patterns or Poomsae is an important aspect of Taekwondo training.

Poomsae are a pre-arranged set of movements gradually becoming more complex as you advance, grow and learn in the art of Taekwondo

There is normally one poomsae /pattern to learn per belt level that needs to be learned for your next promotional test.


Each poomsae should be practiced by mentally picturing imaginary opponents attacking from all sides.

Taegeuk 8 (Pal Jang)

Taegeuk 2 (I Jang)


Taegeuk 3 (Sam Jang)


Taegeuk 4 (Sa Jang)


Taegeuk 5 (Oh Jang)

Taegeuk 6 (Yook Jang)

Taegeuk 7 (Chil Jang)

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