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Taekwondo is a life long endeavor so dont forget to keep up with training even when on holidays or when we are on a break!

We encourage you all to always  keep up with your Taekwondo training a couple times a week. It's best to maintain your stamina and flexibility during your time at home so that all your hard work and progress is not gone when we return back to regular training.

Now is also the time to experiment (in a safe and controlled way of course). Try that new kick! Push yourself to stretch a little further! Do 25 knuckle push-ups instead of 20!

If you have any questions about training or patterns or just need someone to talk to, call text or email us!

(Ms & Mr. Daniels)

master o's at-home training sheet

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Send us pictures and videos of how you #trainfromhome to be featured on this page!

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