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Testing Fees

$35 for 9th Keup - 5th Keup
(Yellow stripe- Blue Stripe)

$45 for 4th Keup - 1st Keup
(Blue- Black Stripe)

Poom Belt Test May 2021

Belt Levels
White belt
Yellow stripe
Yellow belt
Green stripe
Green belt
Blue stripe
Blue belt
Red stripe
Red belt
Black stripe
Poom belt
1st Dan 
2nd Dan
3rd Dan 
4th Dan
5th Dan
6th Dan

7th Dan
8th Dan
9th Dan 

Testing Dates 2021: TBD
Coloured Belt Promotion Tests :   
3 to 4 times / year

Blackbelt tests Promotion:
1-2 times /year


Testing Date Location


(Location /times may vary)



Valley Gardens

Greendell Community Centre

Subjects for the test:

Manner, Attendance, Humility, Honesty, Cooperation, Poomsae, Step Sparring (if applicable), Control Sparring, Basic Movements, Breaking (when applicable), Distance Control, Timing, Target, Power, Blance, Speed, Decision

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